Celebrating Adam Murat  :::  May 1984 - April 2010

Remembering Adam

Adam loved being active and he loved the water. In addition to his incredible physical talents, Adam was also gifted with amazing artistic abilities. Whether he was "messing around" with a piece of metal at the shop, sketching a picture, or snapping a photo his art will be a lasting memory for all.

Adam Murat's Obituary

Adam Murat, 25, of Denver, Colorado, loving father of Lilly Meadow, Beloved son of Brenda and Bill, brother to Jessica,Rebecca, Anna, Johanna, Renee, and Ethan, died tragically on April 15th, 2010. The first of two memorials will be held in Colorado at Chautaqua Park in Boulder on May 2nd at 9 am. The second memorial will be at Camp Silver Beach in Jamesville, Va. on June 12th at 6 pm.  Any questions please refer to www.ripnsurf.com. A fund will be set up for his daughter Lilly in lieu of flowers. Adam lived harder and loved more deeply than most men live and love in a lifetime.